An American Smoked and Fired Food Adventure

June 21-22, 2019

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

FRIDAY LIGHT THE FIRES DINNER EVENT:  This evening we will light the fires with the featured Pitmasters for Saturday’s event. Enjoy regional beers and wines and fellowship over a meal specially-prepared with culinary alumni from the previous year’s From the Ashes Showcase Event.

SATURDAY SHOWCASE EVENT:  Join nationally-recognized Pitmasters from across the United States as they gather in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, to showcase the best of American barbecue. Area culinarians will lead an “application station” where guests can discover other ways to put these primal cuts of smoked and fired foods to work in their home menu planning. Area Producer-Partners will have tables around the venue for tasting and sharing their artisan ingredients. Regional craft beers and wines will be included, as well as fun family activities and entertainment.

Location: Settlers Creek, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Event Objectives

For National Pitmasters:

  • Showcase their regional cooking styles for invited media
  • Increase awareness of their restaurants and catering operations with media guests, as well as with public ticketed guests for their future travel planning

For Application Station Chefs:

  • Showcase their incorporation of featured proteins into additional applications for consumers
  • Increase awareness of their restaurants, companies and products to the event audience

For Producer- Partners:

  • Showcase their artisan food and beverage items, ingredients and more to event guests
  • Increase awareness of their company’s products/services to the event audience


Friday Night Light the Fires Dinner Event

Features alumni talent from the 2018 From the Ashes Idaho showcase event:

  • Andy Buffington, Owner/Pitmaster, Hiro’s BBQ, Coeur d’Alene, ID (2018 Application Station Chef)
  • Brad Peugh, Owner/Pitmaster, Bohica Smoke, Coeur d’Alene, ID (2018 PNW Pitmaster)
  • Christopher White, Owner/Chef, Cosmic Cowboy Grill, Coeur d’Alene, ID (2018 Application Station Chef)

Saturday Showcase Event

Featured dishes to be finalized – each Pitmaster will feature their preparation of brisket plus one additional feature protein (turkey, wings, salmon and whole hog).  Regionally-sourced vegetables/sides will be incorporated as a pairing of complementary side dishes with each Pitmasters’ featured proteins.

National Pitmasters to be featured during Saturday’s showcase event:

Local area chefs will participate at the “Application Stations”, four stand-alone stations which will be designed to showcase for the guests the wide variety of ways that the fired foods can be used in meal preparation in their own home menu planning. The objective of these stations is to share the ways that a larger primal protein can be used in a wide variety of formats in meals.

Application Station Chefs to be featured during Saturday’s showcase event:

Venue — Settlers Creek

For the Pitmasters’ portion of the event, Settlers Creek will serve as the cooking campus for all of the visiting Pitmasters, including any pre-event curing, wood storage, product/marketing shipments and culinary preparation. All pits will be trailered in, or Settlers Creek will assist in building temporary pits from blocks.  Click here to see photos of some of the cooking equipment already onsite at Settlers Creek, as well as some general venue images.

Media Guests

Invited Media Guests for 2019:

Media event vision

Pre-Event:  Our event’s food community is excited to connect in advance of the event week with our Media, Pitmasters and culinary participants.  Don’t be shy, they’ll be involved with you online and will welcome you to our area when you arrive in June!

Event Days: We will get our invited Media Guests out into our community to see the best that North Idaho has to offer!  Pre-Event Media Special Producers/Farm Tours will be developed to local farms and producers. Media guests will be driven to these locations for a visit with the owner/farmers to learn about the growing/production process, as well as what makes their produce unique in the marketplace for the chef and the consumer.

Following the Producers/Farm Tours, media guests will be taken to Settlers Creek to see the showcase event in final stages of preparation, visit with the nationally known Pitmasters and take photos of the food and beverages before the public guests arrive for the start of the event.

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